Our main brands

Ballet Rosa's mission and concern is to always offer its customers a wide range of technical outfits in the field of dance, more specifically in classical dance, and to make its products flexible by allowing the possibility of customization.

​ Ballet Rosa adapts all its know-how to the requirements of the current market and provides you with quality products with a unique and innovative design.


Basilica Dancewear started in 1999 with Greek retailers Plié Dancestores.

We have developed a small production line where we design, create and manufacture most of our products.

Our team of designers ensure that all of our collections are unique and provide the perfect fit and feel.

We hand-pick the best fabrics and materials available creating unique and practical products that stand out.

Bunheads is Capezio's accessories brand.

A range that includes articles for the hair, stretching, protections in the ends, ...

Capezio is the name that makes the world dance.

With over 130 years of quality craftsmanship, dedicated customer service and timeless design, Capezio is the brand of choice for athletes and performers around the world.

Celebrities like Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Maddie Ziegler support the brand by wearing it.

As Capezio continues to evolve in the lifestyle category, it is these artists who champion the brand among dancers and non-dancers alike. 

FR Duval® pointe shoes are the end result of 30 years of shoemaking, tradition, experience
and the input of hundreds of professional dancers on how comfortable a modern ballet slipper should be.

FR Duval® liners offer a more durable sole compared to a traditional pointe shoe, while providing maximum feel.

Freed of London has been the world's leading designer and manufacturer of professional ballet shoes, since 1929.

Mr. Freed and his wife revolutionized the slipper industry by adapting them to the individual needs of dancers.

To this day this ethos remains, and Freed of London slippers continue to be handmade in the UK and the range also includes dancewear and fashion.



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